So many things to post from the past few months….

Probably one of the funniest Ollie comments in awhile–

“See Mom? This is how Super Heroes get dressed. They put their pants on first, THEN their underwear!” ….stated as he appeared from his room with his tighty-whites on over his pants, a cape around his shoulders and some goggles on his forehead.

Franklin, who rarely talks…..
At Trader Joe’s as Ollie begs for cookies:

Mom: We don’t need cookies
Franklin pipping up: Yah we doooo! (stated with a bit of a Norwegian accent, so appropriate with his white blond hair, and ice blue eyes!)

Ollie, at my mom’s, again wearing his cape and a hat pulled low over his eyes, “Grandma, I am em-cog-me-toe right now. Nobody knows I am Ollie.”

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Shakin’ his money maker…

Ollie was walking through the house shaking his bank up and down so I asked him what he was doing.

“Nothin’ Mama. I’m just shakin’ my money maker!”

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Got Milk?

Me: What did you learn at school today Ollie?

O: How to milk cows

Me: Cool, how do you do that?

O: You pull on its fingers until it all comes out.

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Classic Ollieism….

Ollie: We need another baby
Me: where shall we get this baby?
Ollie: Ummm…probably Costco!

Ha! No way, you have to buy in bulk at that place kid!

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