The Confusius of his playgoup…

Since I just decided to start this log of funny stuff my kid’s say here is a composite of Ollie quotes over the last year. I will update as he pours forth his daily wisdom.

O: No Brother! You don’t eat your boogers! I know they taste good, but they are full of germs!

Grandma: So, what did you learn at school today?

O: You never ever, ever pee in the sandbox

(This mom feels the need to clarify that this lesson was learned by observation and not actual participation)

O: I don’t need a bath! Daddy likes me dirty!

Me: Daddy gets a bath every day.

O: Well that is ’cause you like him clean. He likes to be dirty too.

O: Mama, I need a night-light.

Me: Ok, why do you need a night-light?

O: ‘Cause it is too dark in my room for the monsters to read me stories.

O: I like to wear my underwear backwards, because it is funnier that way.

Me: Ollie, I said you can only take one train with you.

O: I do only have one train. One for each hand, see?

O: Sorry for throwing a fit Mommy. I was just too tired and stressed to deal with it.

Me (after a monster fit thrown in the grocery store over a much desired and non-purchased “black” *read: chocolate*  doughnut) : Ollie, do you have something to say to Mommy?

O: No! I am still throwing a fit in my heart!

Me: Ollie you need to wear shoes in the store.


Me: Ollie you DO NOT growl at Mommy!

O: But Mommy, I am a dinosaur. Dinosaurs don’t wear shoes!

I am sure there are many more that I am forgetting, so if you know Ollie, and have a favorite quote,  feel free to let me know, and I will be sure to get it posted!

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