So many things to post from the past few months….

Probably one of the funniest Ollie comments in awhile–

“See Mom? This is how Super Heroes get dressed. They put their pants on first, THEN their underwear!” ….stated as he appeared from his room with his tighty-whites on over his pants, a cape around his shoulders and some goggles on his forehead.

Franklin, who rarely talks…..
At Trader Joe’s as Ollie begs for cookies:

Mom: We don’t need cookies
Franklin pipping up: Yah we doooo! (stated with a bit of a Norwegian accent, so appropriate with his white blond hair, and ice blue eyes!)

Ollie, at my mom’s, again wearing his cape and a hat pulled low over his eyes, “Grandma, I am em-cog-me-toe right now. Nobody knows I am Ollie.”

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Shakin’ his money maker…

Ollie was walking through the house shaking his bank up and down so I asked him what he was doing.

“Nothin’ Mama. I’m just shakin’ my money maker!”

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Overheard lately….

Ollie was telling me a very elaborate story…
Me: Is this a real or pretend story?
Ollie: Neither, I am just lying!

Me: Ollie would you like some kiwi?
Ollie: No thank you Mama, I don’t like hairy fruit.

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Got Milk?

Me: What did you learn at school today Ollie?

O: How to milk cows

Me: Cool, how do you do that?

O: You pull on its fingers until it all comes out.

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Classic Ollieism….

Ollie: We need another baby
Me: where shall we get this baby?
Ollie: Ummm…probably Costco!

Ha! No way, you have to buy in bulk at that place kid!

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Walk a mile in his shoes…

Just dropped Ollie off at my mom’s as I was on my way to rehearsal and noticed that he was wearing 1 Thomas the Train shoe and 1 Buzz Light year shoe.

Me: Ollie, why the two different shoes?

O: ‘Cause I couldn’t ‘cide which one I liked best today so I wore both!

(Mom note*The Thomas shoes are from last summer and a good 2 sizes too small…)

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This just in….

As I was setting out some chicken to thaw for dinner tonight…

O: Better let me make dinner Mama, I want to eat something with good flavor tonight.

Just remembered one from October  2009

O: Mama, who is your mommy?

Me: You know my mommy…my mommy is Grandma!

O: Oh! I like your mommy!

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The Confusius of his playgoup…

Since I just decided to start this log of funny stuff my kid’s say here is a composite of Ollie quotes over the last year. I will update as he pours forth his daily wisdom.

O: No Brother! You don’t eat your boogers! I know they taste good, but they are full of germs!

Grandma: So, what did you learn at school today?

O: You never ever, ever pee in the sandbox

(This mom feels the need to clarify that this lesson was learned by observation and not actual participation)

O: I don’t need a bath! Daddy likes me dirty!

Me: Daddy gets a bath every day.

O: Well that is ’cause you like him clean. He likes to be dirty too.

O: Mama, I need a night-light.

Me: Ok, why do you need a night-light?

O: ‘Cause it is too dark in my room for the monsters to read me stories.

O: I like to wear my underwear backwards, because it is funnier that way.

Me: Ollie, I said you can only take one train with you.

O: I do only have one train. One for each hand, see?

O: Sorry for throwing a fit Mommy. I was just too tired and stressed to deal with it.

Me (after a monster fit thrown in the grocery store over a much desired and non-purchased “black” *read: chocolate*  doughnut) : Ollie, do you have something to say to Mommy?

O: No! I am still throwing a fit in my heart!

Me: Ollie you need to wear shoes in the store.


Me: Ollie you DO NOT growl at Mommy!

O: But Mommy, I am a dinosaur. Dinosaurs don’t wear shoes!

I am sure there are many more that I am forgetting, so if you know Ollie, and have a favorite quote,  feel free to let me know, and I will be sure to get it posted!

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My Crazy Kids!

I have two boys…they crack me up…I thought I would create a blog where I can list all the funny things that they say. For the time being, you will mostly hear about Ollie. He is the one that talks. Franklin says 8 words. When he starts saying more than car, I drive, uh oh, and ball, I’ll post some of his stuff too.

The featured comics:
Ollie: age 3
2-1-2010 426A

Franklin: age 20 months
2-1-2010 342A

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